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In 2009 there were 2,824,674 properties repossessed by the banks through foreclosure- mine was one of them. When my mom- a single mom of 3- was laid off from her job during the during the “Great Recession” she was forced to make tough decisions like wether she should spend money to pay the mortgage and utilities or spend money to put food on the table. She worked 24/7 to try and catch up the mortgage payments but when time ran out the bank came to take our house and sent the sheriff knocking.

“I watched my mom work so hard to catch the mortgage back up, but by the time she got back on her feet it was too late”

-Paul Logsdon

Our ultimate mission at Logsdon Home Buyers, LLC is to help homeowners in difficult situations like the one my family went through. Foreclosure and other hardships can be overwhelming, sometimes it may seem like the only way to deal with these issues is to just hope it will just go away.

We Aim For Community Impact: One House At A Time

Real estate plays a vital role in the health of our community; run down houses lower neighborhood property values, vacant homes provide hot spots for criminal mischief, code violations pose a threat to safety, and loss of homeownership has a drastic influence on the future generation.

Vacant House

We Believe In Community Revitalization

After our house was foreclosed on it became a vacant property and with no one to take care of the maintenance it quickly became an eyesore to the neighborhood. It was also a target for vandals, thieves, and other criminal activity.

We seek out properties like the one I just described with the goal of fixing them up and restoring them to their natural beauty and restore the balance of our community.

The Cost Of Foreclosure In Our Communities

cost of foreclosure
One foreclosure can impose up to $34,000 in direct costs on local government agencies, including inspections, court actions, police and fire department efforts, potential demolition, unpaid water and sewage, and trash removal.
cost of foreclosure property value
One foreclosure can result in as much as an additional $220,000 in reduced property value and home equity for nearby homes. Homes in foreclosure that become vacant provide sites for crime or other neighborhood problems.

Benefits of Homeownership

happy home owners
Homeowners are more satisfied with their lives and are happier. Homeownership is positively associated with physical, mental and emotional health.
happy kid
Children of homeowners are likely to perform higher on academic test and are more likely to finish high school. They also have fewer behavioral problems.
happy community
Political activity (voting, civic participation) is higher among homeowners than renters. High level of neighborhood homeownership enhances property values

Advocates For “2nd Chance Homeownership”

When my family’s house was foreclosed on it was nearly impossible for my mom to get another mortgage on a house. This took us out of the realm of homeownership and put us into the realm of renting. We rented a few places and moved around quite a bit but things just weren’t the same. The whole process was tough ya know, not having a place to call your own?

But things change when she met a real estate investor who offered her a “rent to own” option. You see my mom is a good person, just because she went through foreclosure doesn’t mean she cant pay her bills; She has a good job and makes a steady income.

The investor had just fixed up an old house and was willing to “rent payments” and apply them towards ownership of the home! This opened my eyes to the impact I could have on someone’s life- I know how much this helped my own family but I can’t help but think of the millions of others who need a similar opportunity! That’s why we advocate for homeownership and revitalization. Our aim is to provide as many “rent to own” opportunities as possible because we believe that the benefits of homeownership far outweigh any monetary value.

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