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When we offer cash for your house we don’t need approval from a 3rd party (agents, banks, inspectors, etc..) That means when you decide to sell your house we can move at a speed that works best for you. We pride ourselves on being 100% honest transparent with our clients while making the sale of your home incredibly fast, fair & easy.

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How Do We Make Cash Offers To Buy Your Home?

Our cash offers take in to account several factors which include the true market value of your home when it’s all fixed up (think about its potential), the repair costs, our profit, and our holding costs.

True Market Value

This is how much it will cost us to bring your home up to 2020 standards after we buy it from you. (think HGTV)

repair costs

Repair Cost

This is how much it will cost us to bring your home up to 2020 standards after we buy it from you. (think HGTV)

profit pie chart

Our Minimum Profit

As I mentioned, it’s no secret that we must be profitable to stay in business. This is calculated with your wellbeing in mind!

Your Offer = Market Value of Your House – Our Cost To Fix It Up

sell your house fast

“My Neighbors House Sold For 200k”

We buy houses based on the amount your home could be worth if it was all fixed up, this is called your homes “After Repair Value” or ARV for short. The ARV of you home is a very precisely calculated number determined by How much similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for. These similar homes are called “comparables” and they must have the same features as your home (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, basement, garage, year built, etc…)

So what does it mean if your neighbors house sold of 200k? Well assuming your house is very similar to your neighbor’s we can expect that your house would also sell for about $200k after we make the necessary repairs/ upgrades.

cash for your house

Why Not Just Sell My House On The Market As Is?

Let’s be honest, selling your house on the market is a pain in the butt! Dealing with salesy realtors, banks, inspectors, repairs, contingencies, and other uncertainty…

However one thing we pride ourselves on is transparency, that’s why we must tell you this: We are not the best option for everyone and if we feel you’re not a good fit for us we will simply tell you “You’re probably not our ideal client,” and then kindly refer you to our favorite realtor!

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How Much Will You Buy My House For?

When you sell your house there’s no such thing as a “one size fits” all offer. Let’s break down some numbers on a house we recently bought so you can see how we made it work.

Here’s a picture of the house we recently bought before we fixed it up:

Logsdon home buyers as is

All original with no updates but that’s alright, after we give it some love it will look like a whole new house!

2All the other houses in the neighborhood that sell for top price look like this:

New roof, updated kitchen and bathrooms, modern flooring and an open floor plan.

logsdon home buyers after

3It’s not a surprise that these houses are selling for top dollar, they’re practically brand new!

Now we know that when we offer cash to buy your house we can expect it to sell for nearly the same price as your neighbors as long as we make the same or better upgrades and repairs.

Make sense?

We can’t sell the house for a comparable price if its not in comparable condition. After all would you want to buy a hose in worse condition for the same price as a house that’s in better condition?

Sell My House In Louisville, Kentucky For Cash
Or Should I List It As Is?

When you want to sell your house for cash there is no one size fits all approach. You may have already spoken with a realtor and that’s completely fine but sometimes it’s great to get a second opinion from a company like us!

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After speaking with a realtor about listing your house on the market as-is they inform you that they think it could sell for within the next six months. Then you decide to contact us for a second opinion.

When you decide to contact us to get a cash offer for your home we would conduct an initial walkthrough and likely come back at some point with our contractor to get a more detailed picture of what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t (to help save on the cost of repairs/time.)

After looking at the comparable sales in your neighborhood we determine that if we fix your house up and bring it to similar standards your house could be worth $xxx,xxx.

Then our contractor will give us a more detailed cost of repairs so we know precisely what our game plan for your house will be after we buy it. We already have a very through vision for your house, we just need help from our partners to put it on paper!

We always want to be on point with our numbers so we can give you the highest and best offer! For example if our contractor tells us the cost of repairs is going to be $45k we are now ready to give you an offer!

So Are We Really That Much Better?

You bet your butt we are!

While it’s true we’re the most honest, transparent, and genuine cash home buyers east of the Mississippi, we’re not for everyone. Possibly the most important thing to know is you have options, we just happen to be the much better, easier, & stress free option 😉

Far too often we get thrown into the “we buy houses” bucket when in reality we do so much more than just buy your house fast for cash, and quite frankly if at the end of the day we can’t help you because your situation is just so unique (yeah right, hasn’t happened yet) at least we can help guide you in the right direction to someone who can.

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